Scholars Tutoring Center is a professional educational environment, where every student receives unsurpassed individualized tutoring services.
Because we are locally owned and operated, we are most familiar with the curricula and standards of public and private schools in the greater Sacramento area. The schools know us and the high quality of tutoring services we provide to each student.
We do not operate like chain-store tutoring corporations – our instructional policy is not mandated by a national head office and we do not require long-term contracts.
A testament to our success is the fact that most new clients are referred by school counselors, teachers, administrators, and by other clients.

our philosophy
The promotion of academic excellence is the guiding principle of Scholars Tutoring Center.
We understand that students hit educational roadblocks for many reasons. Whatever the cause, all Scholars students are treated with respect and dignity.
Our strategy for each student is determined by that student’s particular needs. While helping students improve study skills and grades, we also foster the expectation of scholastic success.
Our confidence in students’ ability to grasp the techniques, skills and subject matter we impart positively translates to their confidence with both school and homework.
All this leads to students with a brighter outlook, a more positive educational experience and higher grades.
our students
Some students are naturals at academics and others have to work hard for each good grade. But at some point, most students become overwhelmed when school work - combined with other activities - becomes too daunting. That's when outside-the-classroom assistance may make a big difference.
Many of Scholars’ students come in for our comprehensive test preparation and skills enhancement – for in-class subjects, general test-taking, AP, SAT & ACT, HSPT, and more.
Whatever your child's academic challenge, whatever the subject, we will give him/her the tools to learn how to focus, manage time, and read, write, test and study more effectively.
In early 2009, prompted by the closing of Loretto High School, Eileen Bowers Sutfin (former Loretto parent) and Mary Bowers (former Loretto teacher) founded Scholars Tutoring Center. Their vision to apply their vast experience and high standards to provide the best academic support for public and private school students in the greater Sacramento area has become a successful reality.
Eileen is the Director of Scholars. While managing the day-to-day business operations, she conducts new client consultations and student assessments and sets tutor-student schedules. Her professional background is primarily in public relations work. She has designed curricula, taught classes and has conducted hundreds of presentations/seminars to community and business groups in throughout California.
Mary (MA, Shakespeare Studies) is the Curriculum Director of Scholars. She confers with tutors in curriculum planning for students and prepares and co-teaches the test prep classes. The busiest tutor at Scholars, Mary is in high demand for her unsurpassed Language Arts knowledge and skills, especially the art of writing the master essay (for school assignments, SAT/ACT tests, college applications, etc). For more than 20 years, she has taught high school English (and related subjects). We’re also very proud of the fact that she is a former Jeopardy! champion.
Both Mary and Eileen have coached Academic Decathlon teams to victory in their competitions.
The strong scholastic and personal principles of each member of the Scholars Tutoring Center team are the keys to successful tutoring experiences.
All Scholars tutors are selected from top-notch candidates, and are specialists in their subjects. They are expressly matched with our students based their areas of knowledge and the students’ needs.
Our roster of top-notch UC grad students and active Sacramento area middle, high school and college educators includes former Loretto High School teachers who joined Scholars when we opened and continue to work with us.